General’s condition

This website belong to Laetitia Hertz Ltd,registred office at Pomrock 23 ,Tel Aviv (Israel).The customer should be aware of these conditions :

Placing an order

To place an order you just need to open an account completing the fill form, add article in your basket, and validate it. You don ‘t need to have paypal account for pay with credit card on paypal.


We accept credit card payment from Meshulam processing payment from Discount bank.

we can send you a link and you can pay directly.

You can pay with PayPal directly to the website without need to have a paypal account , and wire (on demand by mail or telephone)


All our prices are in ILS including 17% VAT, for all shipment outside Israel the VAT will not be collected .


Your order will be delivery up to 30 days maximum for  beds, if the delay is not respected we’ll contact you to fix a new delivery date ,if it’s a matter for you your order will be canceled and the money will be send back quickly as possible, for the delivery price we’ ll contact you.

The price for delivery in israel it’s 250nis and for an other country it’s depending the volume and destination, ask us.